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  My name is Sharon Lafuse and this web site is dedicated to four of my passions- my Belgian Sheepdogs, my

love of creating videos,  my love of taking photos and my love of training my dogs in agility.

   I retired from NASA/Johnson Space Center on Aug 1, 2008 after 36 + years.  The dogs and I have moved to our

 new home in Eldorado, Ohio. I will be starting my own agility training center with both outdoor rings and

eventually a small indoor facility.

 De La Fusee - means of the rocket and yes I am a  retired "rocket scientist"




  News:                2011

                   Feb 25, 2011 Gabe qualified in Open FAST -OF title

                   Feb 26 Garnette qualified  in Ex B standard

                   April 3 Garnette qualified in Ex B FAST, 1st place

                   April 8  Gabe qualified in Open Standard - 3 rd place- OA title

                   April 8 Garnette qualified in Ex B JWW

                   April  9 Garnette qualified in Ex B JWW     

              Garnette has been bred to Rogue... more information under Litter Plans

                    June 18 Gabe qualified in EX A Standard, 1st place

                    June 20 Gabe qualified in Open JWW , 2nd place          


             Gamble On Me De La Fusee OA NAJ OF                                   Good Time Girl De La Fusee AX  MXJ XF

                                  Gabe                                                                             Garnette

                                                       Photo's by Paw Prints Pet Photography




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