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 Background:  My very first Belgian Sheepdog was Roll-In Amebae of Pet-E-Gree (DOB 12/1966). As a teenager, I trained her in obedience  and showed her some in conformation. After graduating from college and moving to Texas I obtained my second one - Chieho’s Schannai CD in 1977. Since then I have bred a few litters, shown in obedience and conformation. Since 1993 I have concentrated on agility, with occasional trips to the obedience and conformation rings.

   Titles :

   Champions & Obedience:

              Ch Jet Adama De La Fusee CD

              Ch Jet Alydar De La Fusee

              Ch Bonne Chance De La Fusee CD

              Ch Mawrmyth Yardley of Mika 


         Chieho’s Schannai CD                                                         

        Colonial Warrior Of La Fusee CDX

    Agility & Obedience:                                                                                    

                 MACH2 Cassy’s Fantasia De La Fusee MXP AJP CDX                                                        Garnette


                 Chieho’s Zarabeth NA

                 Ebony Warrior De La Fusee OA,OAJ,AXP,OJP (Warrior)

                 Chieho’s Ekko Von Jet OA,NAJ,NAP,NJP,NFP

                  Gamble On Me De La Fusee NA,NAJ,NF

                 Good Time Girl De La Fusee AX,MXJ,XF                                                                                           Gabe

     Currently I own 4 Belgian Sheepdogs & 1 Belgian Tervuren

               Chieho’s Ekko Von Jet OA,NAJ,NAP,NJP,NFP (DOB 6/7/2001) (Warrior’s daughter)

               Gamble On Me De La Fusee NA,NAJ,NF (Gabe)

               Good Time Girl De La Fusee AX,MXJ,XF (Garnette)                                                                          Jordan

               Gandalf the Wizard De La Fusee (Wizard)

               Genesis-BasqueLaine Crossing Jordan (co-owned with Kelley Hoffman)

    Fantasia and I competed in the 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005(2004 held in January 05) AKC National Agility championships

     Club Affiliations:

             BSCA (life time member)                                                                                                              

             Gem City Dog Obedience Club


               Sharon Lafuse

                       Eldorado, Ohio 45321

                       (937)273-5199  SLafuse@delafuseebelgians.com


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